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After years of preparation, Cynthia produced her first concert at the age of 20. At 22 she played the daughter in You Have Been Left Behind. In 2010 she played the lead role in The Messiah. She graduated from Cal State University in 2008 with a Bachelors Degree in Business Management. Cynthia Rogers Phillips is known for dinner with Mary lou(2018), Devaint(2018) and Swords of the Heart (2017)
Cynthia Phillips, also known as Hurricane faith is a worshiper, Prayer warrior, Christian Women speaker, producer, guitarist, singer, songwriter, actress, talk show host, author, mentor and entrepreneur. She has conducted empowerment workshops with a powerful life-changing message to women, single mothers and little girls.
In 2005, Cynthia Phillips wrote her first book, A Passion for His Presence. She is the owner of Lydia’s Daughters Network A.K.A Purple Girls, a (501 c 3) non-profit organization all of which encourages excellence, self respect, financial empowerment, and community service. In 2023, She has written two other books called I don’t like Naps anymore and the nine fruit of the spirt for kids
Worshiper, Prayer warrior, Christian Woman speaker, producer, guitarist, singer, songwriter, actress, talk show host, author, mentor and an entrepreneur.
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    Raziah doesn't want to take a nap. She wants to play outside with her friends. When Mommy tells her it is time to go inside, Raziah refuses. She's a big girl who doesn't need a nap. Surely her Mommy is being mean, so Raziah decides she wants a new Mommy... maybe even two! When her new mommies pick her up, Raziah expects to get everything she wants. But having different mommies isn't like Raziah hoped. She misses her regular Mommy, and she is feeling very tired. Perhaps she does want a nap! The new mommies won't let her have a rest, no matter how tired she is. Raziah knows it's time to go home and listen to her Mommy because, whether Raziah likes naps or not, her Mommy only wants what's best for her. Maybe naps aren't so bad after all!

San Diago, California, USA
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